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Dressing up the Table – Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations for the table are quite important to the overall success of your nuptials. Consider that your guests will spend more time at the reception than at the service and many of them will sit at the table at least 50 percent of the time.

Wedding Table Flowers
Wedding Table Flowers

Flowers are the most conventional centerpiece and they can serve very well for wedding decorations for the table. A large bouquet for each table is appropriate, but variations on the theme work well too.

For instance, you can have several small vases into a large bouquet. Then you have a built in wedding favor as each guest takes one home.

Or, you could have personal vases to which the place cards are attached. This too would be a take home wedding favor.

Consider adding rose petals to the table – it’s both ornamental and romantic.

Flowers aren’t the only plant that can make up a centerpiece though. Consider small trees, ferns, and other live plants.

Wedding decorations for the table can also feature objects such as candles, mirrors, sea shells, confetti, and colored glass.

You can personalize your wedding by making the wedding favors match you and your beau. For instance, if the two of you met skiing, you might want to have a pair of skis at each guest’s seet. Bring the guests along on the honeymoon – at least in so far as the reception goes, and use palm trees if you’re off to Hawaii.

wedding table decorations
Wedding Table Decorations

Here’s some tips for how to create the best wedding table centerpiece:

• “Layer” the look by alternating short and tall centerpieces.
• To save money, incorporate the bridal and bride’s maid’s bouquets into the centerpieces.
• Don’t be afraid to use unusual items such as picture frames, autumn leaves, and ice sculptures
• Create breakaway centerpieces that can be used as wedding favors too.
• Let them eat cake – and the centerpiece too. Your centerpieces can be edible carved fruits or vegetables, salt water taffy, or other candy.

Your wedding decorations can be just as unique as the two of you are.

Advice for Reception Wedding Decorations

There are many different types of tables present at a wedding reception and many types of wedding decorations that you can utilize to create a stylish and somewhat magical look .

Wedding decorations
Wedding Table

First, you need a head table.  The bride and groom, their parents, and other important people are seated at head the table.  The head table gets attention, and you should give adorning it with your finest wedding decorations, special attention.  Sometimes this means having a larger centerpiece or more ornate flowers.  Another trick is to use the alter flowers as the centerpiece at the head table.

A Sweetheart Table is sometimes employed instead of a head table.  It’s a table for two that the bride and groom can dine at by themselves.  Usually, it is elaborately and uniquely decorated.  For instance, the colors might be reversed with the accent color at the other tables becoming the dominant color at the sweetheart table.

Because the cake is the centerpiece of the reception, the cake table requires special attention.  This should be the table that you put your all into decorating and to incorporate into the wedding theme any wedding decorations that suit the feel of that theme.  The base of the cake should determine the size of the table.  You can drape picture wire around the table to secure flower sprays or bows.  Also, the bridesmaid’s bouquets sometimes serve as wedding decorations for this table.

If your guests are going to serve themselves, you need to think about the look and feel of your buffet table.  You’ll want to decorate it appropriately.  You might also want to think about having the food labeled.  You might also want to build up the table to different heights with books or blocks to place the food on.  This will eliminate the “long boring line” look.

Big Day Bridal
Wedding Kiss

Most of the tables in the room will be guest tables.  Seated in groups of ten or twelve, these tables will be the base for your guests.  Make the tables inviting with pretty centerpieces, individual place cards, and tie your colors and theme into the tables.  In addition, you should put wedding decorations that are decorative, small items such as beads, candles, or confetti on the tables.  Make sure that the centerpieces are not so big that they impede conversation.

Wedding decorations and kids

If you are going to invite a lot of children to the wedding, think about having separate tables for them.  You can place pint-sized wedding favors such as coloring books and washable markers.

You will want to have a signing table where guests can leave remarks in a guest book or record their memories in some other way.  Make it inviting so that your guests will want to leave a thought for you.  An alternative to the formal book is to have the guests sign a tablecloth which you later use as an anniversary table cloth each year.

If you beautify the DJ booth, it will become part of the wedding party and not just a pile of electronics.

While current etiquette rules say guests shouldn’t take gifts to the reception, some will.  So, have a gift table that is incorporated into the total theme.  On the gift table, you should also place a gift card container for guests who are giving you cash.  You can use various wedding decorations to beautifully decorate this container to fit the overall theme of the wedding.

The idea behind decorating for wedding receptions is that all of the types of tables that are featured fit together into one theme and decorating scheme.  If you think this through ahead of time, decorating for wedding receptions will be easier as your choice of what wedding decorations to include will be clearer.